Action Medeor

The company Action Medeor (AM) was founded 13th August 1964 as a non-governmental charitable organization focusing on the production of medicines for developing countries. The AM headquarters is located in Tönisvorst, Germany.
AM supports the local transportation partners in the countries they supply with their medicines. AM also supports the development of local production of medicines and provides pharmaceutical counselling, such as in quality control of prepared vaccines etc.



DAHW was founded in 1957 as an independent religious and political organization. Its full name reads Deutsches Aussätzigen-Hilfswerk. The name was changed in 2003 to Deutsche Lepra und Tuberkulosehilfe mainly with the intention to reach out to patients struggling with the virus of tuberculosis.
The company with its headquarters in Würzburg, Germany, operates in more than 300 centres within more than 40 countries around the world.
The organization provides wide range of support, helping individual hospitals with material supply, medicines, staff training and social support for sick people or already cured patients who have not found their place in the society yet.



ILEP is an international federation of NGOs against leprosy based in London. This organization describes itself as "a strong financial alliance" because its partner (member) organizations are able to fundraise € 50 - 60 million per annum from the public resources and institutions.
ILEP members are active in almost all countries where leprosy exists. They focus their efforts on everything that is needed for detection, treatment and rehabilitation of lepers. The main goal of this group is to facilitate cooperation between its members and coordinate their support.

"A person is rich by what he has done for others“
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe