Who we are

Likvidace Lepry – TB (further referred to as LL-TB) was founded by Archbishop of Prague as a religious legal entity with separate legal personality on 1st November 2010.


LL-TB continues the activity performed by a civic association LL- Likvidace Lepry o.s., which was founded by Jiří Holý on 4th March 1992 as a non-profit organization. Likvidace Lepry o.s. was the only association founded in the Czech Republic which actively helped lepers.
Likewise, the primary aim of the current LL-TB is to treat infectious diseases (leprosy, tuberculosis and malaria) in developing countries.
For this reason, we liaised with ILEP (international organization helping lepers) where LL- Likvidace Lepry had a role of ancillary organization.
In order to communicate with other leprosy-centres in developing countries (about 60 places), we initiated collaboration with German companies DAHW and Action Medeor which have been helping lepers as long-term medicine suppliers (see Partners).
On 18th May 2011 in the church of St Ignatius in Prague, Mons. Dominic Duka, Archbishop of Prague, and Jiří Holý, the current chairman of LL- Likvidace Lepry o.s , signed a formal agreement due to which Archbishop of Prague is now bound to be in charge of LL- Likvidace Lepry o.s. Hence, a new organisation took over the entire agenda to continue the mission under a new name (LL-TB).
LL has left its mark in about 60 missionary centres treating leprosy in Africa, Asia and South America. So far these institutions have received medicines and supplies worth more than 100 million CZK.
Since 1994 the centre has been regularly publishing the Mission Magazine for lepers (further referred to as MM). Firstly, it was published in an edition of 10,000 copies; however, its number has soon exceeded 50,000 copies. The aim of MM is to inform donors about the activities of LL-TB.





   P. ThDr. Jan Balík, PhD.

   E-mail: bvd@apha.cz











   Bc. Lubomir Hajas

   E-mail: lubos@lepra.cz











Office workers:

   Klarissa Jana Banikova, CJ

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   Marie Dvorakova

   E-mail: marie@lepra.cz