2. Hospital at Phulpahari

FR.Reginald Fernandes
St. Joseph´s Hospital, Phulpahari
Seva Kendra Calcutta
Midnapore, West-Bengal

                  St.Joseph’s Hospital, Midnapore
                  Seva Kendra Calcutta
                  Social Service Society of the Arcdiocese of Calcutta
                  52-B, Radhanath Chowdhury Road
                  Calcutta – 700 015






CZECH-INDIAN HOSPITAL OF ST. JOSEPH for lepers and TB in Phulpahari (Midnapore)
The second Czech-Indian Hospital is located inland, 100 km away from Calcutta, in Midnapore. It occupies an area of less than 45,000 square metres (approximately the area of Wenceslas Square). The partner of this project is Calcutta Diocese, represented by Archbishop Mons. Rev. Lucas Sirkar, SDB who, in the presence of Czech Ambassador Dr. Hynek Komoníček, blessed the cornerstone of the hospital on 10th May, 2008.
The hospital was built according to the same project as the first hospital in Bhilai Pahari. Only few changes were made to meet the conditions of Midnapore. The construction of two-storey building with 80 beds started in January 2008. The hospital has been in operation since 2010.
Remarkably enough, the hospital has its own source of water, which was found with the use of deep drilling technology. In the next step, the power transformer was built followed by the main part of the circumferential walls.
The inauguration ceremony was held on 13th November 2011 and the hospital is fully operational since then. The hospital offers eight doctoral positions. However, it is rather difficult to find doctors for full time employment and so these positions are covered by doctors commuting to the hospital several times per week. Additionally, there are twelve nuns, four members of technical staff and eight volunteers. The hospital is also supposed to provide service of a mobile clinic which would be able to serve people from more distant areas.
The support from LL-TB has varied in time following the needs of the project. Initially, the money was invested into the construction of the hospital, in the second round the financial support was used up on equipment and maintenance. In 2012 the overall invested sum exceeded 3 million CZK.