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The second year of the LL Public Collection (1st of September 2016 - 31st of August 2017) brought 2 037 927,35 CZK

The second edition of the public collection to support LL's activities is primarily linked to the introduction of a program for the treatment of leprosy in Liberia. This project, in co-operation with the German organization DAHW, the Liberian government and the local Catholic Church, is currently a priority. Ganta Rehabilitation Hospital is still the only full-service center for the treatment of leprosy across the country. The goal is to set and apply standards that will allow the treatment of all lepers in Liberia.

Thank all donors for supporting us.


  • We are helping people affected by leprosy in India, Liberia, Columbia and Tanzania. For more click HERE.
  • Czech Leprosy Relief is helps to heal Leprosy and TB more than 22 years?
  • 31th of January is World Leprosy Day?
  • Bacteria of Leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae) was discover in 1874 by Norwegian microbiologist Hansen?
  • Around 95% of world population has nature immunity against Leprosy?
  • Bacteria of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) was discover in 1882 by German Robert Koch?
  • Since 1941 has been Leprosy treatable?
  • To treat Leprosy is using Multidrug therapy (MDT), commbinations of dapson, rifampicin, clofazimin?

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