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Bhilai Pahari got new Director


Father Vijay A. Bhat has been named as a new director in St. Joseph Hospital in Bhilai Pahari.

Bhilai Pahari got new Director

Based on the decision of Bishop Felix Toppo, Father Edward was transferred into St. Mary's parish (formerly Father George Mannarakam), and Father Vijay A. Bhat was called to his place.

P. Bhat previously headed the Damien Social Welfare Center in Dhanbad. This center is focused on the holistic care of lepers as well as on health education and other social and educational programs. So, Bhat has experience that can only help him in his new mission.


  • We are helping people affected by leprosy in India, Liberia, Columbia and Tanzania. For more click HERE.
  • Czech Leprosy Relief is helps to heal Leprosy and TB more than 22 years?
  • 31th of January is World Leprosy Day?
  • Bacteria of Leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae) was discover in 1874 by Norwegian microbiologist Hansen?
  • Around 95% of world population has nature immunity against Leprosy?
  • Bacteria of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) was discover in 1882 by German Robert Koch?
  • Since 1941 has been Leprosy treatable?
  • To treat Leprosy is using Multidrug therapy (MDT), commbinations of dapson, rifampicin, clofazimin?

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